With fluid creativity and thoughtful collaboration, I endeavor to nurture compelling, cohesive brands for my clients. I delve deeply into characteristics, idiosyncrasies and lineage to extract essence and truth, then meticulously and protectively guide the evolution of their public voice, as a living organism. My diligent approach results in visual articulations that reverberate throughout the user experience, delivering clear, synchronized messages that bring brands the potential of undeniable soulfulness.

Positive, open, loyal and adventurous, I derive great joy from learning, facilitating creative momentum, connection and mutual understanding. I enthusiastically partner with agencies, colleagues and clients across all departments and leadership levels to establish living languages and concrete solutions that bring an honesty and vitality to an otherwise flat component of their business. Ensuring this vision is holistically embraced across the entire company is paramount for integration.
The outward goal is to uncover the nuances that allow their business to be truer to itself, and whose strategy will echo this vision with the most effective message, year-round. 
Looking forward to connecting,
Natalie Phillips
773 474 1245
natalie (at) 52echo (dot) com
Your dedication and insight to creating a system of Marketing materials for us at Lucien Lagrange Architects truly reflected our brand; strengthening our relationship with our existing clients, and giving us a sense of pride when reaching out to new clients. Your attention to detail, consistency, and providing creative cost-effective options allowed us to do so much more than we thought possible. Our clients all commented on how impressive our materials were. You also had an infectious way of engaging our entire staff, enlightening them to what our brand was and what it could become. I would love to work with you again, and would happily refer you to others.”
- Heather Weed Niehoff
Senior Vice President
VOA Associates Incorporated
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“Natalie is a team player who can deliver high quality work within a tight timeline. In addition to being very responsive to our requests, she is also great at communicating possibilities within time and budget constraints. I appreciate her openness to ideas and flexibility given the complexity of the assignment.  She delivered a high quality report that really allowed the information to shine.”
- Carrie Cobb
Public Utilities Specialist
Bonneville Power Association
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“Natalie Phillips is an extremely talented and creative graphic designer. She has an amazing work ethic and
“can-do” spirit and always finds solutions to the challenges at hand. Her confident and calm demeanor is another one of her attributes and she is able to create order out of chaos while meeting deadlines with ease.”
- Gianna Tetrick,
Director of Marketing
Simeone Deary Design Group
(client, and formerly my Director while I was with Elysian)
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“Our time-sensitive project had an incredible number of parts, it was such a relief to know that we could hand it over to you, and you had it all under control -- to every last tiny detail. Your “heads-down” work ethic is commendable, and your organized communication skills helped move things along. We look forward to our next project with you!”
- Jennifer Lee,
Aparium HR Consultant
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I had the pleasure of working with Natalie at the ultra-luxury Elysian Hotel, in Chicago. With the project being a startup there was a lot of work which had to be done to support and define the new brand with the right marketing materials. Cost efficiency and attention to detail where essential to ensure we would stay within budget but guarantee the integrity and consistency of the branded materials and forms. Natalie was able to add incredible value by guiding the procurement team in conversations with the printer, ensuring that we were asking meaningful questions and finding the right balance between cost and design.”
- Andreas Kabelitz,
Procurement Professional
(Director of Purchasing while I was with Elysian)
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