Letterpressed cover, showing fold lines, a hint of the Origami theme. This visual continues throughout the interior, showing dotted "fold" lines.
Another layer of illustrating the theme was to incorporate photography of original Origami pieces. Each spread in the narrative section has an icon representing an aspect GATX wanted to covey regarding their transformation and new offering to their shareholders. 
Caption reads:
"Individual dolphins take turns leading or directing a group's course. The untrained eye cannot detect when leadership shifts from one dolphin to another; an outside observer will see only a seamlessly coordinated effort."
The flower, folded out of a map, represents global expansion. 
Caption reads:
"Lacking sun or water, a flower will wilt and die. But planted where conditions are favorable, and nurtured with knowledge and care, it will bloom, grow and thrive." 
***  ***  ***
Other Origami icons, on remaining narrative spreads:
A catamaran, made using plan artwork (unique hybrid, quickly adapts); a lion, out of currency (strength, savvy, confidence); a folded fan, out of a stock page from financial journal (enhancing returns through service).

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