In architecture, most projects' life span is quite long. We needed a way to let our current and potential clients know what we were working on, and more importantly, our thought process along the way.
Solution A: a case-study booklet, designed and produced in-house, outsourcing the stitched binding. We were able to add appropriate chapters or edit according to what the end reader would most likely be interested in knowing about our process. 
Solution B: a series of postcards, one sent every quarter, highlighting a certain phase of a project (e.g. design / ground-breaking for construction / completion, etc).

Since this booklet was produced in-house, we were able to add nifty design elements, such as a vellum chapter divider, as seen on left.
Hardcover Book, "Lucien Lagrange: The Search for Elegance"
by Robert Sharoff, photography by Bill Zbaren
While Director of Marketing for Lucien Lagrange Architects, my first project with the firm was to lead the making of this book; collect and steer the vast collection of 40+ years of work that would be portrayed within, while working with the external firm hired to design the interior. Involvement: Lead Manager, some design (graphics, book cover), production, marketing campaign and events.
Design firm responsible for the book's interior design was Liska + Associates.

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