AOA-Kellogg Leadership Series

The American Orthopaedic Association, recognizing that their members, although at the top of their game, might benefit from a series of courses designed to boost their leadership skills, business acumen, negotiation skills, etc. These courses were lead by a team of experts at Kellogg School of Management, at Northwestern University. This project's goals were to draw in members to take the course, without offending, as they truly are leaders in their field already. Our direction was to present the opportunity as "Expanding your Strengths" versus focusing on what might be lacking. The result was incredibly successful, with a great number of people signing up for the courses, and wanting to pursue more.

Series booklet (foreground), and one of three module trifolds with session dates and agenda.
Caption, superimposed on individual on cover:
"Respected and admired by his peers and community, he enjoys a profound sense of satisfaction in his work. Through the AOA-Kellogg Series, he is now prepared for the greater demands of leadership. He has built on his considerable strengths to overcome his weaknesses. And even among the exceptional peers at his level, he is truly a leader."
Caption, superimposed on individual in this spread:
"His opinion has always carried real weight. But these days, it comes with an impressive degree of confidence and ease - even when confronting resistance. Whether in committee meetings or boardrooms, his command and presence is balanced with a very clear sense of openness and fairness. He agilely navigates the choppy waters of negotiation. Now, he is equipped with a greater ability to persuade."

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