The Found Art of Hospitality: The Joy of Creating Remarkable Moments for Others, a handbook given as a special gift to all Elysian employees - or "Ambassadors" - as a way to illustrate the true meaning behind the Elysian brand.
My involvement with this handbook was just before its production, after most of the design was set. It almost didn't survive as it was originally designed to be a hardcover book; at such low quantities it was deemed too expensive to produce (around $70 each). I suggested an alternative way to produce the book, notably the cover, which would bring cost down by almost 80%. By changing the materials used (blotter paper for the cover which was like wool felt), the binding technique (side-sewn with cotton thread), and the type of printing press the interior pages would be printed on, we not only were now able to produce the booklet, but it was infused with a more covetous, precious feeling, akin to how The Elysian wanted their guests to feel when walking through their doors.

French-folded interior pages
Embossed, foil-stamped logo
Pre-opening evite 
Printed invitation
Poster for guests arriving at the Elysian Spa and Health Club, illustrating examples of their offerings.

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